Jason Hiscock

Jason is a keen writer and wishes to share this poem about fighting for love and freedom. Jason has called his poem 'Duel Diamond', as the word 'duel' can mean conflict but (if spelled 'dual') it can also mean 'two'. Diamond is to signify something special.

Duel Diamond
You need to be strong
To keep your head high
The end result
Gives you a lifetime of joy
We'll continue this fight
For evermore
Love and freedom worth fighting for
The quality of life is for you to enjoy
A warrior, a martyr, victory for you
Triumphant and bruised all worthwhile
Your name is history
Or bring a smile to your face
Striking a note through every soul
You must fight for this, to keep it ours
We've formed a bond and it's what we've earned
Reward for this is a cherished gift
This stable life and all that is gained
As two, or many, you know it's in your heart
Don't let anybody change this path in life
The hero of our heart this is our will
You'll never lose what you've earned today
The couple or the mass - what it's all about