Chris Sutherland

I’m currently employed by Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust, as a Crisis Resolution Practitioner, working in a Crisis Team based within a Psychiatric Hospital in Leeds. My role involves supporting people who have severe mental health problems, and/or are in a mental health crisis situation. The role also involves assessing new clients, working therapeutically and ‘gate-keeping’ in-patient hospital admittances.

My involvement with Cloverleaf’s management board came through my previous work with the organisation. I worked for several years as an advocate worker and as a coordinator, across different projects and different client groups including mental health, forensic, learning disabilities and older people. I worked for Cloverleaf on 3 separate occasions over an almost 10-year time span from 1999. I welcomed the opportunity to become involved with Cloverleaf’s management board as I was still keen to be a part of the organisation in some way after I left. 

My interests and hobbies outside of work (other than sleeping), include reading and occasionally writing. I also like music and I’m trying to learn to play the guitar. As well as this I’m interested in martial arts and have been training in different styles for a number of years.