Understand the context of supporting individuals with a learning disability

The Learning Disability Awareness course aims to build on your understanding of what it means to have a learning disability and how you can support individuals with a learning disability.

The course is suitable for staff working in a variety of settings.  It will be useful whether you are employed in a health or social care, a community or an education setting or whether you work in a paid or voluntary role. 

Independent Mental Capacity Role

Please note that prior to attending the training participants will preferably have had the opportunity to shadow an experienced colleague and will need to have read the MCA Code of Practice: Chapter 2 (Statutory Principles); Chapter 4 (Capacity) pages 40 – 45 and Chapter 5 (Best Interests) which is available on-line.

Person Centred Approach to Advocacy

This interactive course will develop your understanding of what is meant by a ‘person-centred approaches to advocacy’, the theory behind the person-centred approach and how it works in practice.  We will explore how to implement person-centred approaches in the advocacy role and you will have opportunities to explore case studies with your peers in order to practice, develop and refine your skills in delivering a person-centred approach.

General Admission £95.00

Purpose and principles of Independent Advocacy

Introduction to Advocacy

This Advocacy Training  introduces the concept of advocacy and provides a framework for developing advocacy practice and the tools for people to start engaging in the advocacy process.

It will cover:

  • History and context of advocacy 
  • Limits to Advocacy
  • Advocacy models
  • Role of an Advocate
  • Build some basic skills in advocacy
  • Advocacy process
  • Advocacy standards

 General Admission £95.00