Wedesday's Voice, self-advocacy group


Wedesday's Voice has recently been cited as an example of Best Practice in "Developing Skills for Social Work Practice" by Rogers, Whitaker, Edmondson and Peach, for the work it has been doing around Asset Based Community Development.


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Contact & Support Team

"Hi Dan, during a conversation today XX mentioned your lovely telephone manner and how obliging you always are on the telephone. I thanked her for her comments and said that I would pass these on. Well Done!"

1-1 advocacy

"You showed me there was a light at the end the tunnel, and you showed me how to switch it on for myself. Thank You". - MB

"Just knowing I've got someone on my side means so much". - AS

"You listen, and you help me. I couldn't ask for more than that". -- HD "After having the same problem with my Consultant for more than a year, you come to two meetings with me and it gets sorted. Thanks a million". -- LA

"You being at the meeting made a world of difference. They just talked to me in a way they never have before, and it was because you were there". -- MN

"Staff responded to everything I asked for when you were there. They don't usually". -- BMc

"You've helped make my stay on the ward much less stressful. Thanks for everything". - KH "It's just good to know you're out there. I've not stopped worrying entirely, but it's not as much. Thanks". -- GR

"I know where you are if I need help again. Thank you ". -- ES

"It was a huge help having someone there listening to me, rather than telling me what to do". - GM

More 1-1 advocacy

Client thanked me for attending.

Client's mum was very happy with the support from advocates and for my attending today. Really pleased with our work.

Client said I was an angel fallen from heaven to help her.

Received Thanks from Social worker for our quick response to her request for advocacy support for Client.

Referrer is extremely happy with our quick response to an urgent case.

Support worker sent me an email thanking me for the letter of expressed wish that I sent her for Clients and for all the help with him.

Advocate team attended a victim support day at the Grimsby Town Hall where the Baroness, local Police and Victim Support team were giving talks. Received great feedback from this meeting and attended a presentation afterwards which led to being invited to take part in Victim Support quarterly meetings.

A learning disability inclusion project

“...I just wanted to add my thanks for your feedback on the Deciding Together process and Cloverleaf’s help in shaping this so that it becomes more inclusive.  It’s been a useful exercise to reflect on how this process has evolved and hopefully improved.  Cloverleaf have certainly been integral to the success of this, especially when we look back how it all began...with you and X at Joseph Road last year. So thanks for your ongoing support.”


“Just wanted to say a very big thank you for coming down to the LD Today event and for your really valuable contribution to the workshop and promoting user / carer engagement.  I thought the session worked well and presented a large number of really important messages about involving users and families. I think it was particularly effective that everyone was really honest about the ‘mistakes’ / presumptions that were made and what they have learned from being involved. 

I was pleased that Gemma said that this was a ‘groundbreaking’ development and whilst it involves a number of basic principles clearly other areas of the country are finding it more difficult to make happen than might be assumed, and so enormous credit to you and colleagues who have worked so hard to bring this to life. But what also came over really strongly was the importance of the support and ‘independent broker’ role of the Advocacy service – it chimed with key themes of the morning’s session about trust.

I got lots of positive feedback about it, over lunch, from delegates, including X, who researches national best practice and was most impressed..."


Lead the Way

"It has made me smile to see all the good things that you are doing and how you are making a difference! Keep up the good work!”