Lancashire Carers Advocacy Service

Telephone: 0300 012 0231



The advocacy service provides support for the following people:

‘somebody who provides or intends to provide care/support for a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their age, physical or mental illness, or disability’.


 Who is eligible?

 Who is not eligible?

  • Adult Carers (18+)
  • Carers age 17 years and under, with the exception of Young & Child Carers entitled to advocacy under the Care Act
  • Caring for an adult (18+)
  • Carers paid or employed to carry out a caring role
  • Ordinarily resident within the administrative area of the Authority.
  • Residents who live in Blackburn, Darwin & Blackpool


  • Child Carers who are having a Child Carers Assessment (statutory under Care Act)


  • Young Carers Assessment who are having an assessment

(statutory under Care Act)


  • Non-statutory advocacy will provided as issue based advocacy (see below)



Issues which advocates can offer advocacy support with:


 Statutory Advocacy

 Non-statutory Advocacy

 Carers Assessments ( s.10 of the Care Act)

 Personal Budgets/Carer’s Payments

 Carers Support Planning (s.25 of the Care Act)

 Powers of Attorney

 Reviews of Carers Support Plans (s.27 of the   Care Act)

 Loss of or changes to services

 Adult Safeguarding enquiries (s.68 of the Care   Act)

 Future planning

  Adult Safeguarding reviews (s.68 of the Care    Act)

 Physical and Mental Health

 Child Carers Assessment (s.63 of the Care   Act)

 Medication and consent

  Young Carers Assessment (s.60 of the Care   Act)

 Concerns with a care provider or other aspect of accessing   public services

Please note for advocacy provided under the Care Act (a)the person must have ‘substantial difficulty’ in being involved in these processes and (b) there is no one ‘appropriate’ (eg relative or friend) available to support the person who is unpaid and who the person chooses to support them.


Lancashire Carers Advocacy Service Requirements include:

  • Advocacy for Carers under the Care Act
  • Issue-based, non-statutory Advocacy for adult Carers; and
  • To make a referral you can call the number above or complete the referral form which can be emailed directly to us.

Click here to download our referral form



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