Mission and Values

Our Mission

  • To deliver high quality and successful advocacy services which help people to control their own lives, make their own decisions and achieve their own goals.
  • To take action to challenge discrimination and disadvantage.
  • To challenge conditions which lead to people feeling oppressed.

Our Values

We believe that every individual should be an equal member of society: everyone has the right to plan their own life, to be listened to, taken seriously and to be respected.



People have a right to choose how to live their lives.


People have a right to jargon-free information, provided openly



We do challenge those who tell people what to do and bully or dominate. This includes:

  • domination that is expressed in a protective manner.
  • domination which results from institutionalised practice or procedures.


We work to build opportunities for people to experience an enabling and liberating climate within groups and within relationships.


We believe that people with any form of disability or mental health problem are equal within our society. Throughout our work we strive to make this a reality.


Where people need support tailored to their needs, we will strive to listen and learn and help people realise their aims.

Involvement and consultation

We have established an organisational style that encourages the involvement of people who access our services.


Advocacy Principles

We are pleased to have supported the development of a new set of advocacy principles for Coronavirus and beyond -you can find out more here


Our policies

View Cloverleaf Advocacy policies 



The Driving up Quality Code aims to drive up quality in services for people with learning disabilities. It's a commitment to providing services that go beyond the minimum standards. It aims to create a passion in the learning disability sector to provide values-led services, and provide a clear message about what is and isn't good practice. It also aims to promote a culture of openness and honesty in organisations, and to celebrate and share good work that is already out there.

Cloverleaf Advocacy has engaged with staff in diverse ways to create an awareness of the Driving up Quality aims and objectives, with a specific focus on feedback from people who use services.  A self-assessment has provided a baseline measurement of where we stand as an organisation, as of December 2014.  As a learning organisation, we intend to use the Driving up Quality Code to inform all our practice within Cloverleaf Advocacy. 


We are also accredited with the following schemes and place great emphasis on supporting our diverse workforce to maintain health and wellbeing in the workplace: