Care Act Advocacy

What is Care Act Advocacy?

The Care Act 2014 places a duty on local authorities to refer anyone undergoing a social care assessment or review that has substantial difficulty in understanding the process and no appropriate individual to represent them, to a Care Act Advocate.

What will a Care Act Advocate do?

A Care Act Advocate will support you to be involved in the assessment or review process, representing your rights, views, wishes and feelings by helping you to:

  • understand the assessment or review process
  • participate in the process ensuring your rights are protected and your wishes, views and feelings are heard
  • identify any alternative options
  • promote your own wellbeing
  • prevent and delay the need for care and support
  • take control of your life so that you can pursue opportunities to realise your potential
  • ensure the assessment or review process follows the Care Act.

Cloverleaf offers Care Act advocacy in the following areas:

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