Become a Trustee

Becoming a voluntary trustee for Cloverleaf Advocacy


Cloverleaf Advocacy is looking for voluntary trustees to join our management board. 

Ideally we would like to hear from people who have experience of accessing health and social care services, we believe people who have direct experience of health and social care services bring valuable skills, knowledge and expertise to our organisation. 

We are keen to welcome new board members from all communities across the geographical area we serve.

We especially welcome expressions of interest from people who:

  • use or have used health or social care services
  • want to help develop opportunities for capacity building and self-determination for people accessing social care services
  • are concerned about the future of health & social care
  • have a commitment to the voluntary, social enterprise or not-for-profit sector


Trustees of charities cannot be paid, but reasonable expenses will be met. You will get an induction and support from fellow trustees.


Trustees are expected to:

  • Attend meetings for a few hours every two to three months
  • Review and respond to minutes, reports and financial statements
  • Occasionally attend less formal meetings with managers, staff and people who use our services
  • Represent the organisation and maintain a keen interest in its future development
  • Be keen to seek and listen to other people’s views and to form and express your own views


You can find out about our current Trustees here

It is an exciting time for Cloverleaf Advocacy, as we grow and respond to a changing advocacy environmment. Joining our management board offers lots of opportunities and the chance to help build an even greater charity to be involved in.

Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a trustee.

Call us on 01924 430438 or email us at:

Or you can send us a brief letter or a CV if you prefer explaining what you would bring to Cloverleaf Advocacy.

Looking forward to hearing from you.