Paul was a student in the Tameside team

Paul Hatton completed his 70 days social worker placement with Tameside Advocacy Service and this is what he had to say about his placement........
"Before my induction even started I was invited to attend a team meeting, which gave me a chance to meet and familiarise myself with all of the staff at once in the Tameside office which would be hard to do on any normal working day.  I found the team meeting particularly helpful and assisted me in gaining greater understanding Cloverleaf Advocacy and relevant information on the role I was going to undertake. Furthermore the team meeting also gave an insight into the context by which Cloverleaf Advocacy work alongside other organisation.
Once my induction started, my placement supervisor, all the staff made me feel extremely welcome which help to integrate me in to the team more quickly. My induction included working though Cloverleaf Advocacy induction check list, conversely, I did feel this process was made specific, detailed and tailored to meet my induction needs well.
I found the work shadowing part of the induction process tremendously insightful, since I was able to shadow every person within the Tameside office. Which gave me a deeper understand not only of their roles and responsibility within the organisation but also different ways in which individual workers undertaker the advocacy process with clients. This period also gave me a chance to reflect on different working styles of individual worker and also helped me to identify a multitude of different theoretical perspectives that would help me to undertake the role of an advocate. Furthermore the supervision after induction process facilitated the identification of some of my own strengths and weakness and areas that further induction was needed to support me."