Natalie’s story


When I first needed help, I got myself an advocate called Julie to help me. Julie came to see me and then did her best to help me, she is a lovely lady. Julie then told me a lot more about Cloverleaf Advocacy - and told me about volunteering and helping out others, and so I said yes, as I like helping others. For me, being a volunteer is a great way for me to be meeting new people and to build my confidence up and to learn new skills. I am very happy to be part of the team with Cloverleaf and I am happy to stay on as long as I can. Jyoti and Joanne have been very supportive along with the rest of the team and have been very understanding toward me. I have also achieved a lot by being here too. I have learnt so much by going on and doing my training classes for various different things. I am so happy to be here at Cloverleaf, to be working alongside all the advocates and also Joanne the administrator, who has been helping me with my I.T skills. Thanks, Natalie Thomas x