Jess's Q-Step research project with Cloverleaf

My name is Jessica Burford and I am a third year student at Manchester Metropolitan University.  As part of the Q-Step programme I am currently working with Cloverleaf for my dissertation. 

The dissertation is very heavily quantitative based; therefore I have been looking at all of the data that Cloverleaf have to offer and choosing an area of interest to look at.  I am working towards the research question ‘Is Cloverleaf Advocacy reaching the ‘hard to reach’ groups in terms of one-to-one advocacy’?

The ‘hard to reach’ groups I will be looking at are those relating to age, gender and ethnicity.  As for one-to-one advocacy, this will regard those with generic mental health needs, learning disabilities and more.

As my dissertation is quantitative-based, in order to answer this question effectively, I have been looking at the data for Cloverleaf and trying to assess the question thoroughly.

I am really enjoying working with Cloverleaf - the staff are all friendly and make me feel relaxed and welcome and the work is really interesting.