Helen shares her student story

I am a second year social work student from the University of Huddersfield, currently conducting my 70-day placement with Cloverleaf Advocacy in Tameside.

I am excited to have this opportunity as advocacy, like social work, holds values such as empowerment and social justice, so this placement will enable me to work closely with people within these values. It also gives me the opportunity to work within the law and see how Acts such as the Care Act and Mental Health Act work in practice. I am hoping at the end of this placement that I will have a greater understanding of the law, I will have improved my case recording skills and I will have experience in working in an empowering and person-centred way.

I think this experience will improve my future practice as a social worker as it will give me insight into the views and wants of people who may use services, it will give me a greater understanding of the importance of hearing and listening to people's voices and the role of advocacy within that. I think that this insight will enable me to work closely with people, advocates  and other professionals in the future.